How You Can Land a

Data Job in Less Than 90 Days

Even If You Have No Experience

Attn: Aspiring Data Professionals,

You're about to discover the secrets of landing your first data job with ease, without needing 5 years of experience, spending 4+ years in school, or spending +$10,000...

👋 Hi, my name is Avery Smith & I'd like to personally invite you to attend this special webinar titled:

How to Land Your First Data Job in Less than 90 Days.

In this webinar training, you'll discover the answers every aspiring data professional needs to know, including:

  • What hiring managers & recruiters ACTUALLY care about
  • Why you don't need to learn as many skills than you think
  • A secret way to use LinkedIn to find untapped job opportunities
  • How projects & a portfolio are the CHEAT CODE

So if you're serious about wanting to land your first data job as fast as possible, register now for this special training that will show you the exact step on how to get started.

👋 Hey, I'm Avery

And I'm the founder of The Data Analytics Accelerator & I'll be your host in today's webinar training.

I started DAA because of my own journey. I used to be a chemical lab technician & I hated it.
I was miserable.
I was underpaid, overworked & flat-out hopeless. 😭

That was when I discovered data analytics. And I was hooked. It was so fun. I spent the next 18 months trying to learn as much as I could to pivot into the data field.

I took all of my learnings & what I wish I would have known's & packaged them in The Data Analytics Accelerator to help people like you land their data job faster & easier.

And I will be LIVE in the chat during the webinar today to answer any questions you might have!